Bergamot Spoon Sweet from Olympia, Peloponnese - Idiston - 380g (13.4oz)


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Intensely flavorful, and bordering on exotic, few things bring to mind Greek tradition like the delectable “spoon sweet”.  This ancient Greek delicacy was born as a method of preserving the intensely flavorful fruits that only Greece can produce.  

Traditionally enjoyed by the spoon as a treat, these versatile gems will take your Greek yogurt to another level and they make a delicious addition to the rest of the breakfast table. Mix in with hot cereals like oatmeal, spread over toast, use as topping on pancakes, waffles and French toast. The intense, complex flavors are also a perfect pairing with your favorite cheese, and make a scrumptious topping for ice-cream, cheesecake, and custards.

We were thrilled to partner with Idiston (EEthee stahn) to bring you this wonderful bit of Greece. Idiston uses simple time perfected methods and each fruit in their line is specifically sourced from the particular area in Greece that is best known for growing it. 

Pergamonto (Bergamot)

Arguably one of the most exotic, enticing and delicious Greek citrus varieties, bergamot, or pergamonto in Greek, makes for a much beloved spoon sweet. Anyone who’s ever had a cup of Earl Grey tea will recognize the subtle flavor of bergamot, the rind of which is so rich in essential oils it is used to flavor one of the world’s great teas.

Idiston’s bergamot fruit is sourced from just a couple of farmers who cultivate it exclusively for them, in the northwestern Peloponnese, specifically around Pyrgo, near the ancient site of Olympia (where the ancient Olympic games were held) and near Aigio, close to the northern coast of the region.

The rind, which is what is used to make the spoon sweet, is at once delicate and overpowering, so much so that farm workers wear masks when harvesting. “Even our clothing ends up perfumed with bergamot when we make this spoon sweet,” says Idiston’s co-founder Anastasia.

Ingredients:  Bergamot, sugar, lemon juice

Nutritional Information (per US tablespoon)

Calories:  33

Fat:  0g

Sugar/Carbs: 8g

Protein:  .05g

Salt:       0mg