Carob Rusks from Sfakia, Crete - Dourountakis Bakery, Nt. Wt. 21oz


Hand Made Sfakian Carob Rusks

These hearty Cretan rusks are hand-made the traditional way with wheat, barley, carob flours and olive oil. . They have a round, almost chocolaty flavor and are a bit softer than rusks made from wheat or wheat and barley. They are large, about the size of small dinner rolls, craggy and crusty and they break apart easily. Excellent with salads, soups and stews or as a snack or appetizer with cheese, or our delicious, tahini, honey, or spoon sweets

The Dourountakis sisters make their delicious rusks from recipes passed down from their grandmother, who came to Sfakia from Samaria, the dramatic gorge on the western side of Crete, as a young lady to be married. She often told them: "If you want, my children, to do something good, do it with your hands." They followed her advice and make their rusks by hand, with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Preserving the traditional flavors of Sfakia.

See their video below.

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