Aromatic Garlic Paste with Olive Oil and Herbs (6.7 oz)

Nissos Greek Foods


It takes more than great garlic to make a great garlic paste, and Nissos’s unique blend of indigenous, highly aromatic Greek garlic with extra virgin olive oil and the most aromatic oregano in the world makes for a paste that is literally good enough to eat on its own!

This is not just any old garlic. The variety of Platykambou, as it’s called, was first noticed by one of the world’s premiere makers of natural garlic remedies and probiotics, the Japanese nutraceutical company Wakunaga. Garlic Platykambou has an exceptionally high concentration of essential oils and other cancer-fighting nutrients. The University of Thessaly stepped in and is now conducting studies on the health benefits of this particular garlic variety, aiming to achieve designation of origin status. Platykambou garlic, besides being extraordinarily rich in nutrients and essential oils, is noticeably aromatic, with a complex flavor that derives from this region’s unique microclimate.

There are many uses for this convenient, delicious paste. For those of us who scorn the chore of chopping garlic yet disdain the usually tasteless supermarket varieties of prepared garlic, this is the paste for you! Use it anywhere you’d use chopped garlic. Its smooth creamy texture, thanks to the EVOO, makes it easy to mix into dips and spreads, sauces, marinades, and more.

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Patricia W.
United States

garlic paste

This is a wonderful product. It is so convenient, and I have stocked up. Like most products that I order from you all, it is a cut above, but, in this case, it is spectacular. Thanks so much. Pat W.

Dorothy D.
United States United States

Just in the mail a few days ago

It does smell delicious. Having company this coming weekend planning to use on a Baguette. What is the ratio of 1 garlic clove to the garlic paste? Also plan to use on some Greek Pita bread to go with a Greek Orzo salad tomorrow night. I doubt I’ll be disappointed. Dorothea

Coleen F.
United States United States

Can a Garlic Snob be Reformed?

I’m usually a garlic snob. I feel if a cook cannot peel and chop/grate their own garlic, but instead, buy it done for them, they’re just lazy. Enter this product. First of all, the name caught my eye. Hmm, garlic, olive oil & herbs. Sounded intriguing. I decided to purchase when ordering other staples. I opened the jar. Instead of smelling a paste that was bitter and off putting, I got a fragrant, yet gentle aroma of garlic with the other ingredients. I used it in a dish I make often, the fragrance came alive when I added it to the already softened vegetables, before adding any liquid. It was delicious. My significant other uses it when he makes soups, it is equally amazing. My point is, don’t hesitate to purchase. You will be pleased.

Dolores M.
United States United States

Yummy garlic paste

Love this garlic paste, it takes the hassle out of chopping garlic during a week night dinne. It's great for garlic bread, pasta, poultry,fish & meats.

Amalia D.
United States United States

Garlic Paste

This is one of the most versatile items to have on hand! I love it!