Lelia - Black Olives with Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250g



Olive Lelia Mavroelies

Mavroelies (pl.) are black olives in Greek. But not just any black olives! These juicy, plump, round olives are of the variety known as Amfissa, sometimes also called Conservolia. They are cultivated in the Amfissa valley near Delphi, in central mainland Greece. Amfissa olives are brine-cured and then marinated in extra virgin Greek olive oil. They have a mellow flavor, with hints of sweetness. They make great snack olives – indeed, the Amfissa variety accounts for a major percentage of all table olives produced in Greece. You can add them to tomato sauces, salads and stews, too. They’re wonderful as a tangy addition to rich beef and chicken stews.