Dr. Kavvadia Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Corfu - Lianelia Variety (500 ml)

Dr. Kavvadia


This most unusual olive oil is produced on Corfu from a rare local variety called Lianelia. It is named for a local visionary orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kavvadias, who understood that olive oil was the best example of the ancient Greek saying (Hippocrates), “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” The good doctor was before his time and understood not only the health benefits of olive oil but the importance of “happy” trees that would produce the very best possible fruit. He planted a grove using a combination of techniques that embraced permaculture and sustainable farming.

This oil, made with the Lianelia variety native to Corfu, is a balanced olive oil of medium intensity with a strong, deliciously bitter and pungent flavor.