Orange Blossom Honey - Sparta Valley (16oz)




On Greece’s Southern Peloponnesus, nestled between the mighty Mt. Taygetos and Mt. Parnonas, lies the stunning Sparta Valley: a patchwork of small, family-owned olive and citrus groves scattered amongst the natural flora. This ancient setting is home to the famous Sparta Valley orange, the source of our unique orange blossom honey. Light and golden in color, it possesses distinctive aromas of orange blossoms, honeysuckle and white lily with flavors of candied orange and lemon drops. A delightful departure from mass-produced orange blossom honey that is sourced from industrially farmed citrus groves here in the US.

Our Sparta valley orange blossom honey is collected by our good friend and bee-keeping partner, Vasilis, who also produces our Sparta Fir and Oak honeys.

Klio Greek honey is designated single-origin. We source from specific locations with unique terroirs which result in highly sought-after, exceptional types of honey prized among the Greeks. Collected and packaged for us on-site by local beekeepers, our limited-supply honey is pure and unprocessed: raw and unpasteurized, never heated, minimally handled.