Eirini Plomariou Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lesvos - 500ml (16.9oz)


Eirini Ploumariou is an award-winning, unfiltered, organic extra virgin olive oil from the island of Lesvos, Greece. Lesvos is renowned by the Greeks for its high-quality olive oil and is an EU designated P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin).

Eirini EVOO has won 15 gold medals in 23 world-class olive oil competitions. It is produced by our friends Nikos and Myrta and their family who have been farming on the island since the mid 1990s. Their olive trees are of the Kolovi variety and grow on volcanic soils at high elevations in rough terrain, requiring the use of horses to bring the olives down to the mill. Their olives are picked before they are fully ripe, directly from the tree by hand, and are not allowed to touch the ground. Those that do fall prior to harvest are left for the birds and animals to enjoy. The olives reach the olive press the same day that they are picked, fresh, juicy and not quite “done”. 

The resulting olive oil is delicate, subtle and delicious with notes of wild artichoke, grass and bitter almonds. Kolovi variety olive oils are high in polyphenols but are unique in that they are characterized by subtle and delicate flavors. Typically high polyphenol oils are more strongly flavored. Eirini is perfect for those who prefer olive oils that are more delicate, subtle and fruity.

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