Florina Peppers | Ntomatopiperia - Naoumidis, 260g (9oz)


 Ntomatopiperia - Red Pepper and Tomato Spread 260 gr

A delicious tangy and spicy tomato spread made with sautéed Florina peppers, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt, wild thyme, and wild basil. Excellent with our earthy rusks, tossed into a hot bowl of pasta or our trahana, or on its own as a dip.

Florina peppers are famous throughout Greece. Ranging from sweet to hot, they have a unique and delicious flavor. The Naoumidis family cultivates the famous red Florina Peppers on their farm in Agios Panteleimon Florina, at an altitude of 2000 feet. They hand process and store their delicious pepper products in a beautiful stone cellar which links traditional architecture with modern technology. Central to their philosophy against hybridization is an obsession over the purity of their seeds, which they ensure by maintaining a proprietary seedbed at the farm.