Kourabies - Chrisanthidis, 270g (9.52oz)

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Kourabie Bites with Almonds - Chrisanthidis, 270g (9.52oz)

"Kourabie bites with almonds" are a traditional Chrisanthidis delight made from their family recipe of this classic Greek cookie. They are made from pure ingredients with no added preservatives.

Chrisanthidis is a family story that dates back to 1980 when they opened their first family bakery in Nea Karvali, a small village in Kavala, Northern Greece. They started with their famous kourabies and expanded their line of traditional Greek cookies over time. The reputation of their products within Greece grew in a short period of time, and their family operation evolved into a modern, dynamic bakery still located in Nea Karvali.