Orange Spoon Sweet from Pyrgo & Epidavros- Idiston - 380g (13.4oz)


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Intensely flavorful, and bordering on exotic, few things bring to mind Greek tradition like the delectable “spoon sweet”.  This ancient Greek delicacy was born as a method of preserving the intensely flavorful fruits that only Greece can produce.  

Traditionally enjoyed by the spoon as a treat, these versatile gems will take your Greek yogurt to another level and they make a delicious pairing for much of the breakfast line up. Mix in with hot cereals like oatmeal, spread over toast, use as topping on pancakes, waffles and French toast. The intense, complex flavors are also a perfect pairing with your favorite cheese, and make a superb topping for ice-cream, cheesecake, and custards.

We were thrilled to find and partner with Idiston (EEthee stahn) to bring this wonderful bit of Greece to you. Idiston uses simple time perfected methods and each fruit in their line-up is sourced from the area in Greece that is best known for producing it. 

Portokali (Orange)

This delicious classic spoon sweet is made from a Greek heirloom variety of orange, sourced from two renowned growing areas on the Peloponnese – Pyrgo, near ancient Olympia and Epidavros near the Northeastern coast. Picked at just the right time in late February and early March, these special thick skinned aromatic oranges are transformed by Idiston into a wonderfully concentrated and syrupy spoon sweet. 


Ingredients:  Orange, sugar, lemon juice

Nutritional Information (per US tablespoon)

Calories:  31

Fat:  0g

Sugar/Carbs: 8g

Protein:  .07g

Salt:       0mg