Organic Kalamata (PDO) Olives - Greek Pony Farm,. 200g (7oz)


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Organic Kalamata Olives - Greek Pony Farm, 200g (7oz)

These exceptional organic Kalamata olives are grown on the Greek Pony Farm estate.  They are hand picked, one by one. They mature in a brine and are then preserved in extra virgin olive oil (Kalamata PDO), from the same farm. They are lustrous, fleshy, crunchy and full of wonderful aromas with colors ranging from violet to black. They are incredibly tasty.

This bucolic farm is situated at 1,600 feet above sea level near the village of Rodia, in the Messinia region of the Peloponnese, near Kalamata. It is named “Greek Pony Farm” for the adorable herd of ponies that live free and grow up amongst their olive groves. The ponies play an integral role in the ecosystem of the farm, grazing freely and thus weeding gently, in the most natural way, while contributing simultaneously to the natural fertilization of the soil.

This delicious single varietal oil is sourced from selected Koroneiki olive trees on the farm. The olives are carefully hand-selected and cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvest. The limited quantity oil is certified organic and has very low acidity. It is a vibrant and full-bodied oil with a strong personality, intense aroma, light green color, and a unique flavor with complex green and herbal overtones.

The beautiful, unique bottle is opaque, which protects the oil from light, and it comes with an attractive gift box. This delicious olive oil is excellent as a condiment on salads, vegetables, warm crusty bread, and drizzled over feta with our Greek oregano.


At Greek Pony Farm, honouring a four-generation tradition, we handpick our olives one by one, carefully with love. We let them mature in brine and we preserve them in extra virgin olive oil from our farm.
They are lustrous, fleshy, crunchy, full of aromas, with colors ranging from brown to violet and black and incredibly tasty!