Organic Saffron from Kozani, Greece - Kozanis Saffron Producers COOP


Organic Saffron - Kozanis Saffron Producers Cooperative (P.D.O.)

This superior quality organic saffron is hand collected in Kozani, Greece. Saffron from the region carries the EU PDO designation (Protected Designation of Origin) due to its particularly high-quality color and flavor. Kozani Saffron (also known as Krokos Kozanis) gives dishes a delicate aroma, a subtle spicy flavor, and a beautiful yellow color. It goes perfectly with rice, pasta, sauces, chicken, fish, soups, lamb, potatoes, pulses, bread and cakes, even ice-cream! Using Krokos Kozanis saffron is like using an expensive perfume; a little bit has an incredible effect, and it should be used sparingly.

Kozani saffron has a guaranteed coloring strength of 230, on the saffron grading scale which ranges from 80 to 250.