Oven Dried Prune Olives from Peloponnese - 180g (6.35oz)


These naturally large, fleshy olives are sweet, rich, very low in salt and nothing like any olive you’ve ever tasted before. They have not undergone any fermentation. Instead, once harvested, sometime between November and January, just as they turn from green to black, they’re left in salt for a short while then baked at low temperature, just enough to prevent fermentation and keep their flavor intact. The whole goal is to avoid too much salting. Unlike, say, the Kalamata olive, which can have as much as 4 – 8% salt brine, the damaskinoelies have about a 0.5% salt content. 

The variety has long existed in Greece and has had several names over the course of history. Nowadays they are referred to as damaskinoelies or prune olives, after their plump size and unique texture 

We source our damaskinoelies from the Ainatzoglou family farm in the small village of Kiveri, Argolida, the northeastern Peloponnese. This beautiful sloping grove is about 300 meters above sea level and close to the coast. 

Serving: These olives are a delicious healthy snack. Among other things, they’re great tossed into a tomato or green salad, added to tomato sauces for texture and a mild, complex bittersweetness, or served as part of an appetizer platter.