Chios Mastiha (PDO) Powder (1.8 oz)

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Mastiha typically has to be ground in order to use it in cooking. Mastiha powder is already ground, so using it is easy. As a spice, it lends a beguiling undertone, a little piny and a bit incense-like, but earthy, to all manner of foods. It works just as easily as a seasoning in tomato sauce as it does in chocolate sauce, pairs deliciously with all citrus fruits, works in meat, fish and bean dishes and is a seductive addition to breads.

Recipe Ideas

Since mastiha tears must be ground to use in cooking, this mastiha powder is convenient for anyone without a mortar and pestle. Mastiha has an exotic but versatile flavor that can be used in virtually anything from desserts, breads, salads, or even pasta sauces and fish. A couple of my favorite recipes are below but the possibilities are really endless! 

Greek Olive Oil Chocolate Cake with Mastiha Cream

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Black-Eyed Pea Salad With Mastiha Vinaigrette

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Ronald S.
United States United States

I purchased it after seeing an episode of Diane's show where she described its flavor and aroma. I'm disappointed. It has no flavor and no aroma! On the show she had used crystals and ground them herself. This powder is already ground perhaps that's the difference. But no matter. It's a pretty useless seasoning as is.

Stephanie J.
United States
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