Klio Organic EVOO - PDO Kalamata (500ML/16.9 FL OZ)



From the famous olive region of Kalamata, on the Southern Pelaponessus of Greece. The EU officially recognized Kalamata in 1996 as a geographical area that warrants its prestigious "Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)" status.

This delicious olive oil is a superior-quality heart-healthy staple for your kitchen. It is cold-pressed from 100% Koroneiki olives on the day of harvest. It has a beautiful olive aroma and an exquisite flavor. It is also high in polyphenols with low acidity.

It is produced exclusively for Klio by a small family operation in Kalamata ( a father and three daughters) and certified P.D.O. by Agrocert.

Total polyphenols: 609mg/kg
Acidity:  0.31%
Harvest and Pressing: early December 2021
Bottling: March 5, 2022
Expiration: March 5, 2024

Our olives are cold-pressed on the day of harvest to ensure the quality of our oil and comply with P.D.O. (Π.Ο.Π.) requirements. The harvest period took place over several days in early December 2021.

We package our olive oil in a dark glass bottle to protect it from light; we also use a large label that covers most of the bottle to provide additional protection. Exposure to light and high temperatures can degrade olive oil.

Store unopened bottles in your pantry or a cabinet. Opened bottles (which should not last long!) can be left on the counter but keep away from sunlight and your range.