Wild Thyme & Fragrant Herb Honey - Delphi, Mt. Parnassos (16 oz)



Perched high on Mt. Parnassos and nestled in the area of the historical Oracle of Delphi lies our source for Delphi thyme and fragrant herb honey. In this timeless and pristine setting overlooking the valley of Phocis, the bees forage on mountain meadows of wild thyme and other indigenous herbs. This light colored honey has an intense floral aroma and flavor profile bursting with notes of fresh rosebuds, jasmine and honeysuckle.

Klio Greek honey is designated single-origin. We source from specific locations with unique terroirs which result in highly sought-after, exceptional types of honey prized among the Greeks. Collected and packaged for us on-site by local beekeepers, our limited-supply honey is pure and unprocessed: raw and unpasteurized, never heated, minimally handled.

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bernard d.
United States United States

honey was great. best tasting honey i've had.

Christopher C.
United States
the perfect gift

It was the perfect birthday gift, for my fellow Greek!

Susan H.
United States
Best Honey Ever!!!!

As a kid whose mom used only the usual supermarket honey, I LOATHED the stuff--especially stirred into hot milk when I had a cold/sore throat! THIS honey is a whole other story--to be eaten by the teaspoonful! (Of course it can be used judiciously in recipes, but that dilutes the pleasure.)

Marie T.
United States

Very good honey. Lovely in my tea.

Jai C.
United States
Great honey!

Excellent honey! Delicious herbal flavor; thick consistency. Perfect for sweetening tea.