Rusks made with Barley - from Sfakia, Crete - Votzakis Bros. 250g (8.8 oz)

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Rusks (Paximadia) are the name given to an array of Greek twice-baked bread products. An ancient food first developed by the Minoans, to this day they are the de facto sustenance of farmers, fishermen and shepherds (perfect for on the go) and a mainstay in the Mediterranean diet.

There are countless varieties of rusks, ours are made from ancient grains by the Votzakis Brothers, a small multi-generational family bakery in Sfakia, Crete. Their ancient wheat product line is named Zeidoron, which means “gift of life”, referring to the health-giving qualities of this ancient bread product.

Zeidoron Small Barley & Ancient Wheat Rusks

These chunky rusks combine barley with an ancient wheat known in Greece as Zea, or scientifically as Triticum diccocum, an ancient variety recently resuscitated by artisan farmers. Barley is a traditional grain on Crete, and the most common grain used to make the islands beloved rusks. These delicious sourdough rusks are pure, natural with few ingredients – Zea starter, Zea wheat, barley flour, water, salt, and olive oil. They are crunchy and a bit drier than our rusks made from 100% Zea. They have a lovely earthy flavor. 

Please note, the crunchy texture is similar to a hard pretzel.  They can be enjoyed as they are, but Greeks often dip them in water before eating or allow them to soften from the various accompaniments they are served with.      

Enjoy them

  • plain as a snack or an appetizer (meze)
  • with dips such as our Santorini volcanic soil tomato dip
  • in Greek or tomato salads such as the Cretan tomato rusk salad tossed with olive oil, sea salt, capers or olives, herbs and feta
  • with hot soups to make for a more substantial meal
  • for breakfast with olives, capers and cheese or with our Greek honey or spoon sweets and even dipped in our delicious herbal teas
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