Wild Caper Leaves from Santorini (volcanic soils) - 150g (5.3oz)


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In Greece, and even more so on its dry, beautiful islands, the notion of plant-forward, nose-to-tail eating is as old as the hills. Nothing is wasted, and so it goes that the beloved caper bush provides not only buds and fruit as food, but also leaves - a local specialty.

Caper leaves are more subtle in flavor than the capers themselves. They are velvety and smooth, delicate but also full of flavor thanks to the special brine in which they are preserved. 

Serving: You can enjoy them much the same way you would the capers themselves, as an attractive and interesting addition to a multitude of salads, chopped into tomato sauces and mixed into braised bean dishes, soups and stews. They are wonderful with fish and seafood, but also with chicken, pork and lamb, their delicate acidity a nice foil to the richness of meats. Try the leaves as the foundation for a Greek island pesto, with a handful of Aegina pistachios, one of our olive oils, lemon zest and fresh or dried herbs. Or, make your own Greek meze mix with capers, caper leaves, olives and herbs.