Wild Greek Chamomile - Chalkidiki 60g(2.1oz)

Very high quality, extremely aromatic and flavorful. Perhaps the finest chamomile on earth. Native to Greece, this wild Greek chamomile is hand collected and is in a completely different class from the typical commercially available chamomile that is industrially farmed in the Nile river delta in Egypt.  A must try for Chamomile lovers.

Origin:      Chalkidiki Penninsula, Greece

Species:    Matricaria chamomilla

Sourcing:  Wild in the hills near Volvi lake

Amount:   60g (2.1oz)

Servings:  Approximately 40  ($0.275 per serving)

Organic:   Wild collected, not certified organic

Naturally caffeine free

Tasting Notes: Exquisite floral aroma and flavor with hints of apple


Steep a small amount of flowers (1.5g) in 10oz of freshly boiled water, for 5-7 minutes, strain and enjoy.