Quince Spoon Sweet from Mt. Pelion (13.4 oz)



Intensely flavorful, and bordering on exotic, few things bring to mind Greek tradition like the delectable “spoon sweet”.  This ancient Greek delicacy was born as a method of preserving the intensely flavorful fruits that only Greece can produce.  

We were thrilled to find and partner with Idiston (EEthee stahn) to bring this wonderful bit of Greece to you. Idiston uses simple time perfected methods and each fruit in their line-up is sourced from the area in Greece that is best known for producing it. 

Kydoni (Quince)

Fitting for its intoxicating fragrance, quince is a fruit with an ancient heritage and was the sacred emblem of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Thick, tough and difficult to work with when raw, its sweet delicate flavor and smooth texture comes to life at the hands of Anastasia and Nancy of Idiston. They source the highest quality quince in Greece from the Northwestern slopes of Mt. Pelion, adjacent to the sea - one of its most renowned growing areas.  Their traditional recipe adds an interesting touch, a bit of home grown rose geranium.

Ingredients: Quince, sugar, lemon juice

Nutritional Information (per US tablespoon)

Calories:  32

Fat:  0 g

Sugar/Carbs: 8 g

Protein:  0.02 g

Salt: 0 mg

How to Enjoy

Traditionally in Greece, spoon sweets were served by the spoonful in a small dish with a side of coffee or tea and cold water—hence the name "spoon sweet". Beyond tradition, spoon sweets are a tremendously versatile confection. They make wonderful toppings for Greek yogurt, ice cream, or baked goods like cakes or cheesecake. As a breakfast treat, mix in with hot cereals like oatmeal, spread over toast, or use as topping on pancakes, waffles and French toast. The intense, complex flavors are also a perfect pairing with your favorite cheese.

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Sally P.
United States
Delicious! Pair with cheese or more

The spoon sweets are indeed sweet. They are delicious in spoonfuls on yoghurt or ricotta, or, paired with a strong cheese like Cheddar or Comte. also great with a rich creamy cheese llike Delice de Bourgogne.

Markella A.
United States
Great dessert

Delicious served as a topping on Greek yogurt!

Elaine C.
United States
Just Like Homemade!

My Thea from Greece would make kydoni (quince) preserves. I have missed this sweet delicacy for many years. Now, we can enjoy these preserves again. Thoroughly delicious with toast or yogurt. YUM!!

Sofia K.
United States
Excellent product

Very good quality. I love it.

Katina S.
United States
Love Quince